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hye my name is NUR HUSNA BINTI AZHAR..i like to smile.. i'll alwez smiling although i'm hurt,,.i may hurt people too.. watchup! haha..i'll love peoples who love me..dont worry i do love my anemy too..cool yeah..dont judge books by its cover..judge it by it contents..soo..do not judge me before u had know me.i'm funny.. peoples said that..haha..that's all..

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

from the bottom of my heart kebebeh


lama x berjumpa rindu rasa hati..ngeh ;D yaw wassup guys...hows ur life? harap baik2 aje la..for those who miss me, dont worry i do miss u to. but for now i'm a little bit busy preparing for my final examination, soo no new long bored gedik post for a couple weeks ni i guess,,so sorry,, elleh korunk bukan slalu view my blog sgt an, so ade korunk kesah,..its ok then,=) just harap korunk doakan me untuk my coming final exam ni kay,,bg sape2 yg nak UPSR, PMR, SPM and to all yg nak ambik final jugak,,i wish you GOODLUCK kay..byk kan berdoa,,
okay...tatata..be carefull okay. take care ..with  ♡Love♡

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