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hye my name is NUR HUSNA BINTI AZHAR..i like to smile.. i'll alwez smiling although i'm hurt,,.i may hurt people too.. watchup! haha..i'll love peoples who love me..dont worry i do love my anemy too..cool yeah..dont judge books by its cover..judge it by it contents..soo..do not judge me before u had know me.i'm funny.. peoples said that..haha..that's all..

Monday, 29 August 2011



hye,,,felt like i'd been hurted by u again when i suddently remember u back..i had throw u as a rubbish, why u come again in my mind Mr Rubbish? sincerely i hate u..but why i think abaut u..?? Mr Rubbish congratulation cause u had been my first love. but for ur information i dont think that i'm glad to get u as my boyfrend for 1 year and 2 month cause at the end u give a shit to me.After to weeks we break up, u got a new girlfrend. wow! imazing! dont u ever think women are a doll...blaming them for everything..??

Yes! i'm not regret by taking a conclusion to break up with u. And thank you cause you refuse to come back to me when i ask u to come back to me back.I'm not regret at all CAUSE now  i know that u are not a good one for me. And i'm not happy with u,,all the memories with u in my mind is all sucks memories ,,

u hurted me. my hurt seriously injured badly..stupid me for accepting u,,big mistake..u ask me to be ur friend but i'm sorry cause u neva be my friend before, i dont know how to treat u as my friend,,u ask me to forgive u. yes i forgive u but my heart will neva forget for what have u done to me..i crying every hold night..untill now i could feel the pain MR RUBBISH..i hate when i see u are in a relationship with that girl..i'm not jelous but when i see it my heart feels pain..it's hurt,,
you are the one who had taught me to be aware, be careful with guys..*girls,,dont u ever give all of ur heart, all of ur trust to the one who u really2 love,,u should prepare if one day he will left u cruelless..just prepare..

why cant i forget abaut u??? why?? now i know why..it is because.... 


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